Teleport Tomes

This mod adds spell books to each major city, minor city, village, and some faction locations.

When cast, these spells instantly (and possibly painlessly) teleport the player to the desired location! Does not break “fast travel disabled” playthroughs. All plugins are ESL Flagged!

Currently has support for:

  • Vanilla/Hearthfire Locations
  • Beyond Skyrim: Bruma
  • JK’s Skyrim
  • Arthmoor’s Vanilla Settlements
  • Magical College of Winterhold

Things to do still:

  • The Great Cities
  • Immersive College of Winterhold
  • Arthmoor’s New Settlements
  • Skyrim: Anniversary Edition Updates

File Size: 4.05 MB
MD5: 70efde63f761de047d4fa7640933a8a9
SHA-1: 93e147e1ef196c4d8988ec9c9576501d01abcf31
SHA-256: 3aefbc9e7697ed5805c6c3ab22b7a73d9e56524ab2486ca8f17743701e0ae929

Categories: Modding, Skyrim SE

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