Dr. WordPress…

Or, Why I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the CMS.

For years now, I resisted what millions of other webmasters (has that term even been used since the 90s?) have seen as a no-brainer: the move to a WordPress-based website.

When I began my website a long time ago (2011?) I jumped in deep. I had nothing but my trusty copy of Sublime Text, an Ubuntu Server virtual machine, and a whole host of online tutorials. Each page was hand-crafted in the finest HTML and PHP. Over the years I picked up extra bits, like more advanced JavaScript concepts and running my CSS through a SASS compiler first, but my process remained the same. Until now.

So one day I said, “screw it” and installed WordPress. The process was actually quite painless. Next up was the theme. What was this bad boy gonna look like? As is quite often the case, I couldn’t stand the default theme, nor could I find one I overly liked. The next logical course of action? Make one, of course!

So I dove in. It took a few months mainly because I’m really lazy. I mostly worked on it during my breaks at work because I don’t have a very long attention span when it comes to code-work. But here it is. Version one point zero of my custom theme is done. Over the course of using it I’m sure I’ll find things that are broken, missing, or poorly-designed, but I can fix those as they come!

In conclusion, WordPress will probably make my life easier, and if I’m smart it wouldn’t be any more insecure than any other site I’ve made. Hell, it might be more secure. WordPress had competent people write it; my site just had this idiot. More posts to come; these are just my current thoughts. No, don’t worry; this isn’t gonna be some journal of my private thoughts. There’s gonna be STUFF! Morrowind and Skyrim mods! Guides! Things!

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