Mod: Balmora House v4.0

Categories: Mods, Morrowind

My Labor Town house has been updated! See below for the changes!

  • The booze kegs now show the stat tooltip for each type, so you know what your drink of choice does.
  • One of the storage alcoves has been turned into a small sleeping area with a hammock. Useful for taking a short rest without going all the way into the other wing to sleep in the bed.
  • Added support for the Multiple Marking mod, so it will now properly show up as “Odai Manor” in the Recall list. Tested on the OpenMW version; let me know if there’s a problem with the MWSE version.

Download  Mirror

MD5: 6f82148a785c539374ae5de7b606a100
SHA-1: 0281d380038bb1ae11e4899003a2eb574997d145

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