Mod: Heroic Vigor

Categories: Mods, Morrowind Last Updated: October 31st, 2020 at 8:17 am

This mod is my implementation of the slow regeneration of health and magicka of later Elder Scrolls games, but in Morrowind.

How does it work? The mod starts a small script at the start of the game that constantly restores a tiny amount of health and magicka based on your current Endurance and Willpower, respectively (as long as you’re not in combat). The regeneration is affected by race and birthsign (no magicka regeneration for Atronachs, for instance).

After all, you’re not just some random schlub. You’re a hero, and heroes have Heroic Vigor!

Download  Nexus link coming Soon™

MD5: e6b8d2a493c252f90de20ab035d2f7bc
SHA-1: f30bca50cd18c73be1521063841f94354e3a8874

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